I received the below email from fellow Son, Bob Satterfield, of California. This is a worthwhile effort that Bob has been working on for a long time and deserves the consideration of all Sons and SOD tents.

Gino Dercola
Any Old Port Tent - Oasis 212
Baltimore, Maryland

Subject: Donations needed

As I have been bringing flowers to the graves of our Laurel and Hardy support cast and crew over the years, I have found many of the people we love on screen to be forgotten in life. For one reason or another, and never known to us, some of our screen friends have no marker on their graves. The Way Out West Tent and The Block-Heads recently had a marker placed for Billy Gilbert. Billy's ashes were scattered in the rose garden at the Odd Follow Cemetery in Los Angeles. As a side note, Billy's last public appearance was at the Way Out West Tent's first ever banquet where he was reunited with his old boss Hal Roach.

Peter Mikkelsen from Denmark made me aware of the fact that Edna Marion was in an unmarked grave since her 1957 death. Edna appeared in "Should Married Men Go Home?", "From Soup to Nuts", "Flying Elephants", "Now I'll Tell One" and "Sugar Daddies" with Laurel and Hardy and starred in "Thundering Fleas" with Oliver Hardy and Our Gang among her many screen appearances. She was interred at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City near the former golf course of "Should Married Me Go Home". Due to Peter's generosity, a head stone has been ordered for her.

I am now collecting funds for three more costars.

The first one is the beautiful Viola Richard who died in 1973 and along with her husband is in the Monterey Cemetery in Northern California. Viola appeared in the following Laurel and Hardy films: "Tit for Tat", "Should Married Men Go Home?", "Flying Elephants", "Leave 'Em Laughing", "Do Detectives Think", "Sailors Beware" and "Why Girls Love Sailors".

Next is one of our favorite cops: Harry Bernard who passed away in 1940 and was buried a few feet away from Paramount Studios at the then Hollywood Memorial Park (now Hollywood Forever). Harry played a policeman in "Men o" War", "Angora Love", "Night Owls", "Another Fine Mess", "Laughing Gravy", "Sons of the Desert", "Our Relations" and "A Chump at Oxford" not to mention the Harbor Patrol Captain in "Saps at Sea" and the town crier in "Bohemian Girl" among his 26 L&H films.

And finally, Sam Lufkin who passed in 1952 and is interred a Valhalla in North Hollywood where Oliver Hardy is buried. Lufkin's 39 roles in Laurel and Hardy films which range from silent, to sound shorts as well as features. He worked in the horn factory in "Saps at Sea", played a pickpocket in "Bohemian Girl", he warns the Boys about Walter Long's temper in "Going Bye, Bye", he hires the boys to build the house in "The Finishing Touch", was a patient in "Leave 'Em Laughin", played a waiter in "Our Relations" became a legionnaire in "The Flying Deuces" and gave one of our favorite lines from "The Music Box" as the cop on the beat, "I don't want you, I want the other monkey".

All three of these fine actors deserve recognition at their final resting place.

To purchase a headstone, have it engraved and installed costs $900-1,000 for each one. I will accept donations in any amount and send out a receipt. Send donations payable to Bob Satterfield, PO Box 448, Patton, CA 92369. It would help to enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return receipt. You can specify which player you want your money to go to or just put "as needed". (Please note that no acknowledgment will be engraved on the marker itself as this is strictly for the deceased actor.)

If these folks appeared in the name sake of your tent, you can take the opportunity to adopt the grave or share the cost with others. Besides collecting donations outright at tent meetings you can place a picture of them or a sign at the bar or refreshment area of your meetings for members to "buy a drink for Viola" with a collection plate nearby. Also "White Elephant" raffles seem to bring in money as well. Members bring in items they no longer want and you sell raffle tickets with the winners selecting items. There is no cost and all monies collected can go directly to the cause. You may have another great way to solicit funds too. I want to thank you in advance for your help and donations and a huge tip of my derby goes to Peter for donating to Edna!