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Scots visit Them Thar Hills


In March this year, the Bonnie Scotland Tent was honoured, when we heard, after a few years resting, the Them Thar Hills Tent was up and running and that Melvin McFadden was coming to one of our meetings with Grand Sheik, George, so that George could see what it was all about.

We therefore decided to reciprocate, and a group of Bonnie's, plus a Cuckoo, turned up en masse for their November meeting. We wanted to surprise them, and Willie Black and I came up with the idea of Fin face masks. Willie taking it further with the clever addition of Fin quotes at the foot of the masks. We loitered outside their meeting room, lining up as the Boys did in the Second Hundred Years. We were about to make our grand entrance when we heard pipe music being played. How did they know, how did we get rumbled? We made our masked entrance anyway, and got confused by Melvin and George's confused looks. They had no idea who we were or that we were coming. The music wasn't coming from their meeting room, but from the pipe band rehearsing in an adjacent room.

We were made very welcome. The quotes at the foot of the masks came into their own, as Willie conducted a quiz. Whoever guessed the most of the films they came from, won a bottle of whisky. We cleaned up at the raffle, and had a great sing along. George's mum sure knows how to plan a meal, providing a terrific buffet, giving me the chance to do my total eclipse impersonation.

We had a brilliant night, and many thanks go to George, Melvin and all the Them Thar Hill Tent.

Pom pom

Janice Hawton