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Peter's seventh Run



  Alex and Peter Brodie - 28th May

Grand Sheik Peter Brodie booked a place 9 months ago on the Manchester10k Run and he completed the run with his son Alex during the holiday weekend.

Peter tells us, "This was my 7th run and I was very pleased to have completed it."

Peter's effort raised a lot of money for the Christie Hospital, as, he says, "We as a family are very grateful to The Christie Hospital for the care they've given us."

Alex says: "So proud of me old man's efforts, such an inspiration!10km of determination! If anyone wants to donate in aid of Christies Hospital, the price of a pint would be hugely appreciated. Christies is an absolutely fantastic facility that helps so many in Manchester and beyond. Thanks for everyone's support!"

You can donate at

Let's demonstrate to Peter how really proud the Sons of the Desert are of our very special friend. Peter - you are a treasure!