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Specs for Hans


You will recall our earlier posting about Hans Van Terheijden, who has had a progressive eye disease called stargardt, Juvenile Macular Degeneration, since childhood.

An appeal was launched to help finance the purchase of a pair of spectacles which will restore much of Hans's vision. The target of 7,000 Euros was surpassed in a short space of time, thanks to the generosity of Sons, friends and family. Hans writes here of his delight.

It is still unbelievable what you all did for me. Just a short note to say how thankful I am.

I realized how many great people there are on this tiny planet that are willing to help others. People who bring tears of joy in my eyes! Just before we started our tent meeting I checked the balance and together with my great friend Graham van den Hoogenm we needed a moment to realise what had happened. We reached our target! I was not able to watch too much of the movies as my eyes were pretty painful with crying in happiness. This was absolutely the best moment of my life. I have to thank everyone that helped raising money for me. I can now start to work on a brand new life! I will be able to see the things you all see and although it won't take away my handicap, I will be a person who can do anything you can (except driving cars and bicycles of course, but that is not important). I can see my wife every day, the kids and YOU ALL! I can do things without any help, like shopping, reading, anything.

The glasses will arrive in Holland hopefully this week or the last week of June. It will take me about half a year to train my brain to read again. I need to learn to read words instead of letters. I have to practice a lot of reading every day, knowing it will be hard to do. Also many other things need to be trained. Simple things but my experience in the world is completely different and beautiful with those glasses.

I can't thank you guys enough. Also thanks from my wonderful wife Anita. We'll see you one day.

I'm proud to be a Son  of the Desert!

JP Terheijden (Hans)