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New tent in Belgium


Nico Cartenstadt has been granted a charter to start a new tent in Europe called Bogus Bandits. The new tent will be oasis number 333.

Nico said, "After having been a Son for quite a few years, the time has finally come to found my own Tent in the eastern part of Belgium. I have chosen to call it the Bogus Bandits Tent after the 1948 reissue title of The Devil's Brother because this film has always been one of my favourite Laurel & Hardy features. When discussing the film, I prefer to call it Fra Diavolo, but I quite like the idea of calling ourselves the Belgian 'Bandits', hence the choice for the reissue title. I plan to get the word out soon on local radio, in newspapers, etc to let people in my area know there's finally a local point of contact for all Laurel & Hardy-related things. I plan to hold meetings / film evenings three or four times a year and issue digital newsletters to our members whenever there's something interesting to report."

Nico can be contacted at 

Parkietstraat 14
3590 Diepenbeek