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New book:

Arthur Jefferson

Man of the Theater and Father of Stan Laurel


Arthur Jefferson:
Man of the Theatre
and Father of Stan Laurel

by Danny Lawrence

Publication date: 19 Oct 2017


Publisher: Brewin Books

ISBN-10: 1858585767

ISBN-13: 978-1858585765

320 pages

Price: £16.95

Please note:

Danny Lawrence has bought a stock of books from the publisher so that people who would prefer signed and/or dedicated copies can get them directly from him. The cost will be £18 inclusive of postage and cardboard packaging. He says, "If those interested email me on I will explain the two easiest payment methods (PayPal or direct bank transfer)."

What an astonishing piece of work! The size of the book (120,000 words) and the presentation are most striking.

It amazes me just how much I did NOT know about Arthur Jefferson. Having now spent just a few hours reading this book, an enormous gap in my education is being gradually filled. Danny has clarified a heap of mysteries.

It will be some time, I fear, before I have read and digested it fully, but what I have already devoured I simply love.

Willie McIntyre