Laurel and Hardy
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Sons of the Desert
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Them Thar Hills Tent

of Carlisle


The Them Thar Hills Tent of Carlisle got off to a super start on 7th March, with a packed house. Actually it wasn't so much of a start as a restart. It was a new tent in the sense that it was the brain-child of Grand Sheik George Cullen, but he wisely adopted the name of the earlier Carlisle Tent and launched his oasis as a kind of Mark 2 of the club.

The tent's earlier incarnation was clearly in evidence when many previous members turned up to enjoy the launch in March.

Melvin (left) and George

It was a treat to see previous Grand Sheik Melvin McFadden back, this time as Vice Sheik of the tent! And George clearly liked the benefit of a helping hand now and again from Melvin - an experienced and popular Son of the Desert.

The inaugural meeting had films, toasts, singing of the Sons' anthem and a raffle with prizes ranging from drink and chocolate to hard-boiled eggs and nuts! There was even a quiz, which was won by a team representing the Laurel and Hardy Museum of Ulverston.

Raffle time

The tent will now have meetings at the Carlisle Ex-Services Mens Club, 1 Albert St, Carlisle CA1 1HZ on the first Tuesday of every month, starting at 8.00pm. Contact George on 07581393022 and

George and Melvin will be representing their tent at this year's UK Convention in Bradford and the tent intend to have a visit to Ulverston, perhaps on Carnival Day.

We wish the Carlisle oasis lots of fun and success in the future. It was great to see such an auspicious start.

Some out-of-town guests were also there! Left to right: Melvin McFadden, Willie McIntyre, Matthew Cooper and Marion Grave (both from the Laurel and Hardy Museum) with George Cullen at the back