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Lucy at 90

Family and friends celebrated with Lucy Cubin on her ninetieth birthday.

It was an open invitation to the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Ulverston and Lucy was on fine form!

At the

The Call of the Cuckoos Tent had a very special day at the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow on 16th July. The Sons were hosting two showings of Our Relations and a couple of classic shorts.

It all worked splendidly. Indeed, the 2.00pm programme saw a full house, as has become a common occurrence there with Laurel and Hardy movies! The overflow audience had the opportunity for a second screening session at 6.00pm and this too was well attended.

Tent member John Haliburton brought along a splendid original fez, to be auctioned in aid of Panopticon funds. Generous bidding resulted in £32.00 being raised.

Visitors came from far and wide, even as far away as Dallas in the USA. Very welcome!

Also very welcome was a contingent from the Bonnie Scotland Tent, headed by Grand Sheik Janice Hawton. Alan Mauchan put in a surprise appearance. Alan was one of the founder members of the Bonnie Scotland Tent way back in 1976.

The Call of the Cuckoos Tent will again be presenting Laurel and Hardy movies at the Panopticon on Wednesday 11th October, commencing at 7.00pm.

Back on TV

We're delighted to announce that Talking Pictures TV Sky 343 Freeview 81 Freesat 306 YouView 81 Virgin 445 will soon be showing these classic Laurel and Hardy films on UK TV screens from September 2017.

It's important that we tune in to ensure good viewing figures. Schedule coming soon. Spread the word folks. This is big news.

Laurel and Hardy Forum

Doing well

Thank you all for the good wishes and cards. Everyone has been very kind and thoughtful.

I was sent home last Monday evening. I have continued to dialyse since and the function of my new kidney has continued to improve - production up and toxin levels down. Today, while dialysing, my consultant came to see me and gave me the news I've waited to hear for ten and one half years - "You no longer need dialysis." The nightmare is over!

It's not all good news as I have an 'hospital acquired infection' (superbug) for which I'm receiving IV antibiotics and the side effects of the anti-rejection medication includes: increased risk of skin cancer (I've to wear factor 50 sun cream every time I go outdoors between 1 March and 30 November); tremors; and diarrhoea! Can't win 'em all!

Anyway, a momentous couple of weeks for me, and an opportunity to again realise what wonderful family and friends I have.

What a lucky guy I am.

Love and best wishes,
Keith Davidson

Annual trip "doon the watter"

Why is this youngster posing with Norman Leigh's hat at Wemyss Bay railway station?

Norman was visiting Scotland and was due to join in the annual trip by the Bonnie Scotland Tent on the paddle steamer Waverley. Because the steamer was temporarily out of action, the revellers made alternative arrangements so that they could go to Rothesay (via Wemyss Bay).

A special moment was when the Bute Ukelele Band played a bit of Honolulu Baby in honour of the tent's trip.

Alan Sherrin (centre) was once a member
of the Bonnie Scotland Tent

Vic's pick

Vic Reeves selected six movies for screening on the Talking Pictures television channel on 23rd July and The Flying Deuces was top of his list.



From Radio Times


Cheerful on the radio

Wasn't it good to hear Laurel and Hardy again on Willie McIntyre's Reasons to be Cheerful radio programme (27.07.17.)? Willie has three different shows every week, which include Spinning the Sixties and Back to the Seventies. You can catch them on and

The websites give schedule details.

Mini statue

Further to Mike Jones's piece on Stan Laurel's home in Tynemouth, Mike writes:

As a matter of further interest, we (Bill, Robbie and I) were presented with a mini (just under 12in high) replica of the statue to commemorate our efforts.

The Rogue Song

Someone (not me) uploaded a new, reconstructed updated video on YouTube:

The Rogue Song (1930) - Laurel & Hardy, Lawrence Tibbett

Axel Schumacher

Radio tapes

I saw on Bowler Dessert Online that someone was looking for a copy of the Martin Kelner show from the museum on Carnival Day on 4th July 1987. I have a copy. I also have Pontin's talent comp 1990, and Bacon Grabbers Audio Treat No 1, and a radio interview by me in Nov 1981 and 1983.

I will send them to whoever it was that wanted them.

Melvin McFadden