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Bradford bound

Craig Lightowler has unveiled his amazing drawing for T-shirts the 2017 UK Convention.

Cumbrian revival

Toast a new (-ish) tent

Isn't it great when a new tent arrives? It is double the fun when that tent is a revived "old" tent.

George Cullen, Grand Sheik of the Them Thar Hills Tent of Carlisle, reminds us that his tent will have its opening meeting on 7th March. Click here. This will be a reincarnation of the tent which was so successfully pitched by Melvin McFadden in the early 1980s. It had a long and outstanding run.

Further good news is that Melvin has joined the ranks of the rejuvenated oasis.

The tent will meet at the Carlisle Ex-Services Men's Club, 1 Albert St, Carlisle CA1 1HZ on the first Tuesday of every month.

At the Edinburgh Fringe for a performance of Another Fine Mess performance, George Cullen with the actors

Oasis 43 many years ago. Melvin is third from the left

Everyone's friend

Making a splash in The People's Friend on 25th January was our good friend Matthew Cooper.

At the Tuschinski Theatre

Below you will find a link to a brief clip from a stage show that took place at the Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam on January 21, 2017, in celebration of Ollie's 125th birthday. This clip shows Jamie "Oliver" McKenna and Michael "Stan" Andrew, L&H actors from the USA, doing a skit and then leading the audience of 800 people in the singing of "We Are the Sons of the Desert." Thanks to Bram Reijnhoudt of the Perfect Day Tent for sharing this.

Gino Dercola

Another Fine Mess meeting

Four Saps at Sea Tent members will be going along on Sunday 5th February to the Sounds of the Past Museum in Suffolk, for a film show promoted by the Another Fine Mess Tent. The Saps' contingent will include Ron Stokoe, the taxi driver for the Boys when they were in Southend. The Museum is in Monks Eleigh and Grand Sheik Norman Newboult will assure any visitors of a very warm welcome.

Catch the tour

Laurel and Hardy on Tour is available again on the BBC radio i-player. It was first broadcast in 2006.

Norman Leigh

In the Post

Sunday Post (22.01.17.) spotted by Bill Crouch