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Comments on our last Bulletin

 Sixt - Laurel and Hardy

I checked their website and these 4 clips [in our last Bulletin] are 3 years old. You can get them here:

Knight Of The Plain

IMDB lists Stan as uncredited here:

Knight of the Plains (1938)

and then there's a version on youtube:

Knight of the Plains 1938 T V Rip

This version seems incomplete, as it starts again at the end, but the opening sequence is really Stan-like!

Axel Schumacher


For sale

An item (above) that I have put on eBay for sale: It is an unusual item, which has caused much interest and debate both on the Forum and in direct messages.

 Baz Warburton


Brats Tent of Sheffield

The next meeting of the Brats Tent of Sheffield will be on Sunday, July 9th at 7:30pm. As always the venue will be the Handsworth Inn, 343 Handsworth Road, Sheffield, S13 9BP. All are welcome.

Be Big Tent of Manchester

At the June meeting of the Be Big Tent of Manchester, 14 people watched 'Putting Pants On Philip', 'The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case', 'Battle Of The Century' and 'Chickens Come Home'.

The tent's next meeting will be on Monday, July 17th at Ashton under Lyne Cricket Club. The film show begins at 8.00pm. All are welcome.

Blockheads Tent of Edinburgh

The meeting on June 25th went well and Christine brought along a cake to belatedly celebrate what would have been Stan Laurel's 127th birthday on the 16th.

A surprise absence was Gordon Davie who was having a reunion with his friends who attended the last live concert by Elvis Presley 40 years ago last weekend! Now that's what I call a conversation stopper.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 3rd September.

Charlie Lewis

Just to clarify what Charlie was saying, I was at the last two concerts that Elvis ever did, 25th and 26th June 1977. Not in Vegas but in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. There were three of us from Edinburgh on a trip organised by the UK Fan Club - 250 people in all, also including three from the Newcastle area, who we knew from before so teamed up with during the trip. We arranged to go down and visit them to talk over old times. I hadn't seen one of them for 40 years! But we all had a great time.

 Gordon Davie


Gordon is the one with the hat; on the right is Gordon Mackay, who is also originally from Edinburgh,
and behind is Jim Brown from Washington (Tyne & Wear; not DC)


Another music reference

Cathedral - Midnight Mountain: In this video from the metal band there are brief snippets of them on a magic carpet... one dressed as Ollie...complete with tie twiddle!

Stephen Barlow