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Blotto Tent's new Grand Sheik

After the last meeting in October I was elected Grand Sheik of the Blotto Tent. Using my extensive knowledge of accountancy and numbers I got 103.4% of available votes, a majority indeed.

My details are

Paul Brodie
Blotto Tent of Tameside
122 Carr Lane

Tel 07973 205986     

Paul Brodie


Arthur Jefferson book available from the author

Danny Lawrence has bought a stock of books from the publisher so that people who would prefer signed and/or dedicated copies can get them directly from him. The cost is £18 inclusive of postage and cardboard packaging.

He says, "If those interested email me on I will explain the two easiest payment methods (PayPal or direct bank transfer)."

For details of this great book

Street names and Coincidences

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy visited Glasgow in 1947 as part of their UK tour. During this visit Stan gave a press interview and this was reported in the Rutherglen Reformer's edition dated 13th June 1947.

In this interview Stan stated his intention of hoping to meet his sister-in-law and niece who both resided in Glasgow. He was referring to his deceased brother's wife, Lilius and daughter Eileen.

According to Danny Lawrence in his excellent new book on the life of Arthur Jefferson, Lilius and Eileen had stayed in Glasgow after the birth of Eileen in September 1907, and in fact remained there until their deaths.

Lilius died on the 31 January 1951, aged 63 and daughter Eileen died four months later on the 4th July, aged 44. Eileen was unmarried and her occupation was given as shorthand typist.  

Mother and daughter lived together at this time at 575 Dumbarton Road, a red sandstone tenement block, in the Partick district of Glasgow.

Nearby you will find the following places: Laurel Place, Laurel Street and Norval Street!

Bill Crouch


What I left out of the book is that poor Eileen, whose immediate cause of death was bronchial pneumonia, suffered not only from chronic bronchitis but also muscular dystrophy, a condition that had been diagnosed 5 years earlier. Although her usual address was Dumbarton Road, as Bill notes, her death was in the Broomhill Home/Hospital for the 'Relief of Incurables' in Kirkintilloch. Registers of patients including case notes are available for the period but I didn't consult them.


Danny Lawrence

Museum in Germany

We had a fine opening in September. Piet Lindner and Kay Becker came with their Laurel and Hardy costumes and we had lot of visitors and fun.

But I have very important news about the Jean Darling plaque. When I was asked to have it in the museum of course Vera and I agreed, because we loved Jean so much, and she opened the museum in 2003.

But after that there where a few misunderstandings and I have to inform you that there will be NO unveiling on Sunday October 29. I still have not seen it, so we have to find a good place for it. I repeat, THERE WILL BE NO UNVEILING ON SUNDAY 29!

Of course, everybody is welcome on the weekend 28 and 29 October. There is a lot to see without the plaque. Maybe the ceremony will be in November, and you will find the information on the museum homepage.

Wolfgang Günther

29 years of Brats - and a move

The Brats Tent celebrated their 29th University on 9th Octember. The meeting was well attended and Sons were treated to a wonderful selection of L&H classic films including of course Brats.

In our 29 years we have only had 2 homes: The Princess Royal 1988-1999 followed by the New Crown Inn (later renamed the Handsworth Inn).

On the night as we celebrated, we were informed that the function of the meeting room was going to change and would no longer be available on our regular meeting night. We therefore took the easy decision to say farewell to our home of 18 years and we will be parking our camels at a new home, The Harlequin pub in the City Centre. They are looking forward to welcoming us on 13th Nowonder. The pub is located close to the hotel where we hosted the 2015 UK Convention and was frequented by many Sons at the time. It is also part of the famous Valley of Beer trail.

Below are photos from our University and last meeting at the Handsworth Inn.

John Burton

Intra-Tent Journal

The latest issue of the Intra-Tent Journal is now available and is laden with fine tent news, scholarly articles and keen observations. New subscribers are always welcome.

Contact editor Bill Oates at


Rare photo on auction

Doreen Sinclair left a wonderful treasure to us to benefit the tent. It is an autographed photo of Stan Laurel that dates back to 1928. It is unique in that Stan is not in his usual costume, but instead sports a smart driving cap and looks quite handsome. We believe this sets the photo apart from the many others in which Stan appears in his usual L&H costume.

After some discussion and input from members, the tent has decider to list this valuable photo on eBay. Our intention is to give every tent member a chance to view it (and hopefully bid) as well as to expose it to all the other L&H collectors. All proceeds from the sale of the photo will go directly to the tent, which will then disperse the funds to various film non-profits.

Tom Hawthorn has graciously agreed to list the photo on eBay for us. He has an excellent reputation in the eBay community, with happy customers dating back well over a decade. The photo will be listed on October 27th and will run for 10 days - eBay's maximum. If you wish to view the listing, go to eBay and search for Tom's eBay handle: hawthornsantiqueaudio.

If you have ever wanted a very special L&H treasure in memory of the Boys - well, this just might be the time to acquire one.

Becky Kane, Grand Sheik, Another Fine Mess Tent

  Flashback to 2011

Peter Ross had a splendid three-page article in Scotland on Sunday (24.04.11), recording the Laurel and Hardy Marathon held by the Call of the Cuckoos Tent six and a half years ago.

When I visit, one Saturday lunchtime, the crowd are rather more appreciative. This is the Laurel and Hardy Marathon Film Show. Over the course of the day, some 400 people will attend, most of them casual punters rather than hardcore Sons. On the street outside, a man wearing a top hat and frock coat, and sporting an estimable wax moustache, is drumming up trade. "We're showing Laurel and Hardy all day today," John the Barker tells the Trongate. "Come and get your giggle on. An old Glasgow drunk, straight from Central Casting, pauses to adjust his flies, and regards John with a bloodshot squint. "Laurel'n'Hardy, izzit?" he asks, before staggering off humming their famous theme tune. "Dee-doo-dee-doo, dee-doo-dee-doo..."

 The tent is doing it all again on Saturday 4th November. Please come along! For details