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New address for Dave Ballard

Dave Ballard, Grand Sheik of the County Hospital Tent of Bradford has a new home address:

9 Field Lane, Ossett,
West Yorkshire,
WF5 9DZ.

Christmas cards

£100 has been donated to Variety, the Children's Charity. This was made possible through our sales of Laurel and Hardy Christmas cards.

Thanks go to to all those who bought our cards. The donation included small contributions from Bowler Dessert Online and the Call of the Cuckoos Tent of Glasgow.

Below is a short extract from a letter of appreciation we received from Variety:

You are amazing!

I would like to thank you for your donation of £100 on behalf of Variety, the Children's Charity, and also from the children who appreciate the fantastic support they receive to change their lives for the better. 

Variety, the Children's Charity work hard to make a positive impact on children and their families who have to cope with sickness, disability or disadvantage, but all this is not possible without your help!

Katie Hodgson
Fundraising Team Administrator

The Perry Winkle

I hasn't surprised anyone that the latest issue of The Perry Winkle is amazing. It always is!

Contact Roger Robinson for subscription details.

Skywalker tribute

The Christmas issue of 'Radio Times' has an interview with Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the 'Star Wars' films. At one point he says, "I'm very much a proponent of trying to keep Laurel and Hardy's legacy alive. You show their movies to people that don't speak English and they're funny all over the world." He goes on to say that he feels 'Brats' is "a great entry-level Laurel and Hardy for kids."

Gordon Davie

I was reading the Christmas edition of the Radio Times and couldn't help but smile at this. It seems Mark Hamill appreciates all things Laurel and Hardy and is "very much a proponent of keeping their memory alive".

 I'm seeing 'The Last Jedi' on December 28th and I will certainly view the now elderly Luke in a new light…

 Mike Jones

Roger Robinson also spotted the reference.

2018 Convention in Cincinnati

A final reminder has been sent out for those wanting to attend the 2018 Convention in Cincinnati.

It is advisable to register prior to January 1, 2018 because on that day registration fees will increase; register before the New Year to get the 'early bird' lower registration fees! Registration details are available on the convention website at:

The organising committee say, "If we can assist you in any way to make your convention experience more rewarding, please let us know at

"On behalf of your Cincinnati2018 Convention Committee we wish everyone a very Happy New Year indeed!"

The Boys' films on TV

The Bohemian Girl was on the Talking Pictures channel on the 25th and A Chump at Oxford will be screened at 2.30pm on 31st. This is channel 81 on Freeview.

Tony Hillman

Stan Laurel's Glasgow

The radio programme Stan Laurel's Glasgow was repeated on Christmas Day on BBC Radio Scotland. Some familar Sons of the Desert were heard on the show, presented by Alex Norton