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 Season on TV

A season of Laurel and Hardy films on television begins on 1st September. Radio Times had this to say...

L&H Day reminder

John Connolly on tour

Eric Woods previewed John Connolly's book earlier [click here]. The book is released today and the author, John Connolly, is embarking on a series of presentations connected with its publication. One such event is on Tuesday 12th September 19:30 at the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall, 113-117 Trongate, Glasgow, G1 5HD, where Stan Laurel started out on his career. John will be taking questions afterwards.

Publicity material says:

Stan Laurel: who was 'he'?

An extraordinary reimagining of the life of one of the greatest screen comedians the world has ever known: a man who knew both adoration and humiliation; who loved, and was loved in turn; who betrayed, and was betrayed; who never sought to cause pain to others, yet left a trail of affairs and broken marriages in his wake . . .

he is Stan Laurel.

But he did not really exist. Stan Laurel was a fiction.

Sunday Post (20.08.17.)

John Connolly on TV

Axel also caught John Connolly being interviewed on Breakfast (BBC1, 22.08.17.). Thanks too to Paul Harding for spotting this. Catch the interview at

In the press

Spotted by Bill Crouch in The Herald (05.08.17.)

Fin on the road

Steve Duckles posted this on Facebook...

Edinburgh Fringe recommendation

Stewart and I wholeheartedly and unanimously recommend Wereldband Slapstick (George Square at 6:00pm).

Brilliant, and a nice reference to the Boys in the show.

Thought this was worth sharing too...

Posing in front of the theater where once Stan Laurel, one of our biggest #slapstick inspirations, got on stage for the very first time


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Fred Terris

The 100 greatest comedies

The BBC had a poll of the Greatest Comedies of all Time. At number 67 is Sons of the Desert. At number 97 is The Music Box.

Thanks to Axel Schumacher and Glynne MacDonald for bringing this to our attention.

Goodbye to Pete

Many tributes have been paid to Peter Brodie. We offer below a small selection, which illustrate our high regard for a great guy.

Very sad. Peter epitomised the fun SOTD is and was just terrific company.

I am sure like so many there are countless stories people will recall but one which comes to my mind is when they were expecting his beloved son Alex . Rather than give a simple explanation about a routine appointment - he promptly pulled up his T-shirt to give a visual demonstration of the scan process which made me ache with laughing so much

My condolences to Julie , Alex and Paul. RIP Peter and thanks for the joy you gave.

Alexander Rae

So sad and so sorry. Peter was a fabulous guy, a truly positive person, always keen and always fun. He made me laugh until I hurt and really enjoyed making me laugh too. He swam in the sea with me on my wedding morning and he was a true inspiration when Laura and I started a family. He was unique, no doubt about it, and a fine friend. Love you, Pete.

David Fullbrook

I loved Pete. We had so many laughs together. He was just a brilliant bloke, and any convention with Pete was guaranteed to be fun. I'll miss him.

John Ullah

His courage and optimism shamed me over the last 3 years. Was at school with him since 1971. It was L&H that brought us together again in 1991. Loved that guy, and still do. RIP Peter. No more pain and suffering.

Peter Woodier