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March of the Wooden Soldiers Tent closes

We are very sorry to hear from Grand Sheik Colin Mitchell that his health has had another set-back.

This means that Colin has had to close his March of the Wooden Soldiers Tent of March in Cambridgeshire.

We wish Colin better health in the future and all Sons are appreciative of his past endeavours. Thanks, Colin.

Welcome paperwork

It is great when two highly respected magazines pop through your letter box within a few days of each other...

The Perry Winkle


The Birmingham Bark




At the Panopticon

The Call of the Cuckoos Tent will commence its thirteen season of Laurel and Hardy film shows at the Panopticon in April...

Real life 'Who's on First' reenactment!

Referee Dean Hulme asked Sanchez Watt, who was playing for Hemel Hempstead Town, for his name as he was about to be booked in a National League South game against East Thurrock United.

The 27-year-old repeatedly replied: "Watt" but Hulme believed he was saying "what?" and sent him off for dissent.

Hulme rescinded the card when it was explained Watt was not showing dissent.

"It was a human error," Hemel Hempstead chairman Dave Boggins told BBC Sport.

"The referee was man enough to rectify it. I think everybody found it amusing afterwards - including the referee."

Spotted by Roger Robinson on the BBC Sport website

Original Star Trek crew with a few changes

Below is something seen on Facebook by Eric Schultz

On the telly

Talking Pictures continues to screen Laurel and Hardy shorts and Radio Times (23.03.18.) has a pleasing entry...

Tony Hillman comments, "It seems a bit ridiculous putting some on in the early hours of the morning!"

We hear on the grapevine that the Boys' silent shorts may be popping up soon on the channel.

Eric cuts to the Chase

Here are a couple of pictures Eric Schultz's son took of Eric recently. Says Eric, "There's some guy named Charley that I was thinking about."