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Book update

Due to the ever-increasing size and scope of the book project we are currently working on, we have decided that there will be TWO books released!

Volume 2 will hopefully be available in the first half of this year, with volume 1 to follow at the end of the year at the earliest - yes, in that order!

We can confirm that volume 1 will deal with the TV and film lookalikes and tribute acts, with the other concentrating on stage versions.

There will be hundred of photographs, many reviews, and some very interesting trivia which a good 90% of Laurel and Hardy fans probably won't know about.

More details to follow in the next few weeks, including a poll for cover picture and competition.

Antony Mitchell-Waite

Videotapes on offer

A colleague at work asked me if anyone in the Sons might be interested in a collection of 20 VHS videos. These are free to a good home and she did not want to just throw them out as they are in good condition. Old technology, I realise ,but there is always someone out there who collects such things!

Incidentally, these belong to her stepfather, who is a member of the Bonnie Scotland Tent.

I will facilitate the shipment/delivery of these if there is any interest so no need to worry about that aspect.

Tom Hawton

Peter's mum

We send our condolences to Peter Küppers of Bonn, whose mother died earlier this month.

She had a heart attack, spent two days in intensive care and after a hopeful start in the morning, she died in the afternoon.

Peter, of course, is a well-known Son of the Desert in Germany and also in the UK, through his regular visits, which include conventions.

We are thinking of you, Peter.

On the track

I was browsing the race card for the 16:05 hurdle race at Doncaster on 8th February and came across the names of two of the runners that may be of interest...

Ollie Vaar finished 6th and Way Out West 8th of 14, which was probably to be expected looking at the size of their odds.

John Burton


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