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Lucy Cubin RIP

David Fullbrook was just one of the many Sons who paid tribute to Lucy Cubin on Facebook. His experiences coincide very closely with those of innumerable people who knew Lucy...

Such sad news but what a contribution she made to the lives of us Sons all over the world. She was so accommodating, kind, generous and patient, always enjoyed other people's happiness and supported all the glory years in Ulverston. I remember Lucy arranging for me to visit Ulverston my very first time, "Look out for Bill on the station platform, he'll be wearing a fez."

I was a complete stranger, aged 18 and I was welcome from the first minute and for years to come. Wonderful, wonderful times.

Rare poster

This unusual advert was spotted by Eric Schultz

Some shirt

Eric Schultz sent us this selfie. Fine the shirt!

Blockheads Tent

The Blockheads Tent's annual Christmas party will be at their regular venue The Scots Guards Association Club, 2 Clifton Terrace, Edinburgh (opposite Haymarket Station) on Sunday 3rd December.

Bonnie Scotland Tent

The Bonnie Scotland Tent have a meeting on Wednesday 13th December at the Tartan Rose pub in Paisley. They will have their Christmas meal on Saturday 13th January at Kilty Kilty, also in Paisley.

In the news

Radio Times (05.11.17.)

Carlisle invaded

At our last meeting a deputation from Bonnie Scotland plus one Call of the Cuckoos member arrived. They brought with them Willie Black's Fin quiz. Guess what its subject was, yes good old James Henderson Finlayson, a great quiz with a lot of thought put into it by Willie. The Bonnie Scots even brought the prize for the winner, a bottle of Scottish mountain water. Putting Pants on Philip and Helpmates were shown. Followed by Them Thar Hills, chosen by the Bonnie Scots, plus Cuckoo.

A Them Thar Hills buffet was consumed. We did consider a battle of the century but the Vice Sheik had eaten all the pies. We won't go into that!

The singalong rounded off the evening with the loyal toasts.

The TTH Sons plan to visit the Bonnie Scots as soon as the camel batteries are charged up.

Loads of fun and laughs were had, just what a tent meeting should have.

Pom Pom
Dinah and Ethel

Janice Hawton's report on the visit is elsewhere on this site. (Click here).

Back at the Panopticon in 2018

The Call of the Cuckoos Tent will be back at the Panopticon in Glasgow next year, starting its Laurel and Hardy season on 4th April.

Quite interesting

Grand Sheik Paul Harding posted this on Facebook...


Christmas cards

Don't forget your Laurel and Hardy Christmas cards! They are selling fast.