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Talks on 'he'

I attended a talk by John Connolly on 11th September relating to his book entitled 'he' - about the life of Stan Laurel.

Busy Bodies was screened prior to the talk, which was very interesting and showed clearly that the author loves Laurel and Hardy.

I introduced myself at the end and he signed my book and thanked me for the work that we in the Sons of the Desert do to maintain their prominence in the public eye.

He hoped that the recent revival in TV screenings and the forthcoming film might bring their work to the attention of a new generation of fans.

Charlie Lewis

I went up to Ulverston on 9th September for the talk given by John Connolly. It was very well attended and really good.

Eric Woods

I went to his presentation at the Panopticon in Glasgow on 12th September. I really enjoyed his talk, which he preceded with a screening of Helpmates.

It was so well attended that I was crowded out of an opportunity to meet John. However, I was most impressed by his talk and I was really glad to see a big turnout of around one hundred. He signed a lot of books!

Willie McIntyre


  Hall of fame

Just sat in 'Spoons, in Poynton, reading their autumn edition of the Spoons magazine. There's a half page article about John Ullah and a local TV interview in the Charlie Hall pub. Can't believe it's 17 years since it opened.

Talk about how time flies.

Dave Williamson

Pack Up You Troubles

Radio Times had this to say about Pack Up Your Troubles when it was screened on TV on 12th September...

The Call of the Cuckoos Tent will be screening this at the Panopticon in Glasgow on 11th October...


The Nutty News Network is never short of great photographs to share on its monthly postings of images of the Boys. In September we were treated to this studio shot from the latter part of their film careers. Thanks go to Dean McKeown for continuing to share these treasures.

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On Facebook

The frame below from the long-lost film The Rogue Song was posted on Facebook.

Our friend Eric Schultz posted this comment...

Christmas cards

Coming very soon to Bowler Dessert Online - Laurel and Hardy Christmas cards for sale. Watch this space!