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Gino signs off

Around 2005, I began to send out periodic emails to Sons about items regarding Laurel and Hardy that I thought might be of interest to Sons. I slowly began to accumulate many names of Sons who requested being on my L&H mailing list. On May 1, 2009, I began to send out almost-daily (weekdays) emails regarding L&H information. I eventually labelled my group THE WORLD OF LAUREL AND HARDY - I thought that name was so appropriate, since I was finding SO many facts and things of interest all over the world about L&H. Between that date and now, I have sent out over 3100 emails to my group - I'm sure that after these emails got to the "regular" members and they passed it around, each of these emails get seen by probably several hundred Sons.

One of the most rewarding things I have experienced while sending out these emails are the many thank-you's I got from Sons, and in doing that, I made MANY new friends in the Sons of the Desert. For those of you who stayed in touch with me, you have my greatest appreciation.

Now, I have decided to stop sending out my L&H emails on my "The World of Laurel and Hardy" site. My last emails will be on January 31st of this month. I hope to stay in touch with many Sons in the future and I look forward to you emailing me with a HELLO once in a while.

Gino Dercola

I have always been very appreciative of your emails, Gino. What a wealth of material you have supplied over the years. Thank you for all that hard work. It will be hard to get along without your regular updates! Will keep in touch.

Willie McIntyre

You have done an amazing job and provided Sons of the Desert with a wonderful service of Laurel and Hardy related information, events, photographs, caricatures and so much more into our homes. Over 3,100 emails is a stunning figure! On behalf of all the recipients since 2005, the two words of 'Thank You' seem hopelessly inadequate.

I thought of typing these two words 3,100 times as an appropriate gesture, but my fingers, head and computer couldn't cope with that. So let me just let Mr Laurel and Mr Hardy pass on the message below

Roger Robinson


Shorts on show in Suffolk

I shall be screening Laurel & Hardy short films on 16mm at the Sounds of the Past Museum, Monks Eleigh, near Lavenham Suffolk IP7 7JE on Sunday February 5th. The museum opens on the first Sunday of the month at 10.30 and has a huge collection of radios, televisions, gramophones and other sound related items from the 1890's to the 1970's. Live entertainment on most open days from musicians playing vintage instruments including 3 organs. Entrance is free. All donations will go to cancer charities. This is the first film show at this museum and if successful we could make it a regular event with maybe an organ or piano accompaniment to the silent films.

Norman Newboult

Harry's Bar Goes Way Out West

 The Hal Roach Studio is making a new Western - starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy - but will the Boys' private lives get in the way of filming?

And is Harry's Bar suitable as a stand-in for a Wild West saloon?

Come onto the set with us as we meet Stan and Ollie both on and off screen - and a few others keen to make their mark in Hollywood - including John Steinbeck, Mae West and Charlie Chaplin.

Enjoy a little bit of the early movie magic - as well as the usual mix of humour and music in cabaret style. 

Tickets: £12/£10 - Box Office 01394 279613

Eric on Charley Chase


Here's a little bit of nonsense, which I've had in mind for a few months, and finally did a few minutes ago. I posed for this photo that my son took of me, with a nice book that I bought in 2005. The pose is supposed to be reminiscent of a scene in "The Heckler" (1940).

Greetings from a North American winter, with regards,

Eric Schultz


An Afternoon with Laurel and Hardy

Sunday 25th June 2017, 2.30pm

at the
New Palace Theatre Organ Heritage Centre,
Todholes, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, TD10 6XD

Tickets: Standard: £6.50 | Child: £3.50 | Senior: £6.50

 A selection of Laurel and Hardy short silent films:

The Second Hundred Years, Call of the Cuckoo,
Big Business, 45 Minutes from Hollywood, Duck Soup

 E-mail: Phone: +44 (0)1361-810-759