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Over 30 Themed Laurel & Hardy music videos, including 10 co-star tributes and 2 brand new ones never before seen on DVD.

As seen at the 'Annual' Laurel & HarDay in Wigan.

Perfect for all Laurel & Hardy fans and tents all over the world. Accompany your meeting with these special themed videos or simply enjoy them at your own leisure.

To order, go to

For multiple orders contact Gary Winstanley for prices.

Laurel's jibes at Chaplin

Peter Andrews and Bill Crouch sent us copies of an article which appeared in the Daily Mail on 2nd December 2017.


Laughing Gravy Tent at Christmas

A fantastic turnout out of around 140 people at Thursday's Christmas tent meeting (7th December). Santa handed out a few gifts to all the 'Brats' who were in the room. One last meet up in the Charlie Hall to celebrate a great year for Laughing Gravy.

Our 2017 Laughing Gravy Annual can now be viewed online on our website, 24 pages which include 'Discovering Dennis King' the UK and European convention reports, Sons-Doh-Ku, Wigan's 25th Laurel & HarDay, tributes to Pete Brodie and Lois Laurel and meeting my heroes Ken Dodd and Count Arthur Strong.

John Ullah on Facebook

Beau Chumps Tent remembered

We moved recently and in so doing I found loads of old photies. Above it one - not very good quality unfortunately - but interesting none the less.

Below is the late and much lamented Robbie Crawford in full flow at the '88 convention, presumably performing his signature tune - New York, New York.

Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of the Beau Chumps convention in Sunderland.

Mike Jones

Dani Barker RIP

Men o' War Tent member Dani Barker sadly died suddenly on 1st December. Grand Sheik Paul Harding says, "I am sure if you have attended our meetings you will know Dani who regularly came with one or both his daughters and occasionally also his wife Carole."

Paul adds, "Carole has let us know the funeral arrangements and she says all would be welcome to attend the funeral and celebration of his life on 28th December."

Remembering Dwain

Here is a game show, "Password", from 1962, with a young Dwain Smith as a contestant, with Anthony Perkins:

He does better as the game goes along. You can see that he was a smart guy.


Saps beat the snow

There was a lot of snow in Southend on 10th December. In spite of the weather over 30 folk attended the Saps at Sea Tent's Christmas meeting and a good time was had by all, reports Roger Robinson.

Norwich updated

The sixth update on the forthcoming UK Convention in Norwich is now on our site.

In the press

Peter Andrews sent us this clipping from the Daily Mail (9th June 2017)


On the radio

If you have lost track of Grand Sheik Willie McIntyre's weekly shows on the radio (now in their sixth year!) we have an update:

3.00pm: Spinning the Sixties... on Bute Island Radio &endash; 96.5FM

6.00pm: Spinning the Sixties... on Heartland FM &endash; 97.5FM

1.00pm: Reasons to be Cheerful... on Bute Island Radio FM &endash; 96.5FM

1.00pm: Back to the Seventies... on Bute Island Radio FM &endash; 96.5FM
6.00pm: Spinning the Sixties... on Heartland FM &endash; 97.5FM

Programmes with a Christmas flavour are coming up and even Laurel and Hardy get an airing.

Programmes can be heard on and