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Gerry steps down

Gerry Dunne has been the hard-working Vice Sheik of the Another Fine Mess Tent of Northern Ireland since its founding in 2004. And his work on the tent's magazine has been inspirational. Gerry writes, "Sadly, I have to tell you that due to personal and family circumstances I can no longer continue in my role as Vice Sheik in the club. It has been a difficult decision to make as I have enjoyed our meetings very much indeed."

He adds, "We have had some great evenings in the Pavilion over the years. However, increasing work and home commitments mean that I no longer have the time to devote to the club and the magazine. I hope you will all understand.  Hopefully, we will still keep in touch. Thanks everyone for your friendship and for the laughter we've shared together over the years."

If is hoped that someone will be willing to help Grand Sheik Keith Davidson to keep the club running. Contact Keith and Gerry at and Gerry at

Bowler Dessert Online wishes Gerry lots of contentment in his "retirement" and we have a feeling that we will still keep in touch! Many thanks, Gerry, for all the magazines over the years, always appreciated and always a marvel.

Celebration in Amsterdam

There is going to be a very special occasion celebrated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 21th January, 2017. The Perfect Day Tent of The Netherlands will be holding a celebration of Oliver Hardy's 125th birthday. The event will take place in the famous Tuschinski Theatre - a really beautiful setting for this occasion. The theatre has already sold out all of its seats for the 800 people it can hold - that's right - 800 people. Stan and Babe are still very popular with people in The Netherlands. This will be one of the largest events (if not the largest) ever sponsored/held by any tent in our organization. Jamie "Ollie" Mckenna and his friend, Michael "Stan" Andrews, from the USA, will perform on the stage, and Donald Mckenzie will play on the famous Wurlitzer organ.

Gino Dercola

Hanns Dieter Hüsch RIP

I went to the funeral of a close neighbour on 5th January, which was sad enough to start the year with. During the mass, which was held very nicely, the priest mentioned what Hanns Dieter Hüsch once said about his belief in God. Now you have to know that Hanns Dieter Hüsch was the voice in the Off who commented on Laurel and Hardy silents in the 1970s when they where shown on German Television.

So even in the saddest moment sometimes a nice glimpse unexpectedly reminds you of joyful moments from your childhood.

Michael Schmitz

On and OFF

Christmas is not the same without Laurel and Hardy being on television. Now we are overwhelmed with repetitious cooking programmes, reality shows and murder mysteries. I have little interest in a bake OFF, voting OFF or another killing OFF. It makes me want to turn OFF. Bring back Laurel and Hardy and what better way to start than a screening of Hats OFF.

 Roger Robinson

If the kilt fits

Wha's Like Us (BBC1 Scotland, 31.12.16.) celebrated many famous Scots and whom should we meet but our own favourite Scotsman James Finlayson? It was a joy to see a couple of lengthy clips from Bonnie Scotland.

Willie McIntyre

Blockheads Tent's new meeting place

The Blockheads Tent will have its first meeting at a new venue on Sunday 15th January, starting at 2.00pm. Grand Sheik Charlie Lewis and his members are confident that they will settle nicely for monthly meetings in the venue, which is opposite Haymarket Station in Edinburgh. The address is The Scots Guards Club, 2 Clifton Terrace, Edinburgh. All are welcome.

Irv's latest book

Fellow Son and author, Irv Hyatt, from New Jersey has published another paperback book related to Laurel and Hardy. This one is about Laurel and Hardy in "Lobby Cards and Posters II". This latest book is paperback, 8-1/2" x 11", 102 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1540464866.  It has over 100 rare and vintage posters, lobby cards, and other theater publicity material - all if FULL color - and they are truly beautiful to see.

You can find out more information about this new book and how to order it for your Laurel and Hardy book collection, at this website:

Gino Dercola

Lego steps

Lego invites suggestions for future sets and The Music Box has been submitted!