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What does Tarzan sing at Christmas?

Jungle Bells.

Which athlete is always warm in winter?

A long jumper.

What does a snowman wear on his head?

An ice cap.

Intra-Tent Journal

We are pleased to say that we have had a review of ITJ costs and expenses and have managed to come up with slightly lower prices for our subscribers. This is possible because we now have the magazines printed over here [in the UK] saving the huge postal costs from USA to Europe. You can thank Roger Robinson for that. He had the idea in the first place and does all the work of liaising with the printers and sending out the magazines for all our readers in Europe. So from the old price of £16 for four quarterly issues we now ask you to pay £15. Not a fantastic discount, but we will continue to review our costs and we will introduce more savings if at all possible in the future. We think that this must be the first time there has ever been a price decrease for the ITJ!

For subscriptions please send me £15 for 1 copy of each of the next four issues. Please make cheques payable to G D Kempster and send it to me at

71 Broadend Road, Wisbech, Cambs., PE14 7BQ.

Or you can pay by PayPal. Send the money to If you choose to pay via PayPal please add £2 to cover PayPal's fee OR select "send money to friends or family" in which case they should not charge any fee..

Del Kempster

The Weekly News: L&H feature

Andy McLean picked up a copy of The Weekly News (2nd December) with a great 4-page LAUREL and HARDY colour article. Andy says, "Also Radio Scotland had a slot on daytime prog about the PANOPTICON with a panel of like minded souls. I'm sure it will be on i-player."

Another Laurel and Hardy article is planned for the 9th December issue of The Weekly News, which is published in Glasgow.


Edinburgh Blockheads Tent

We seem to have settled in quite nicely at the Guards Club and the staff are always very pleasant so I have booked the function room at the SGC for our meetings in the first half of 2018 and they are as follows;

Sunday January 7th
Sunday February 4th
Sunday March 4th
Sunday April 8th
Sunday May 13th
Sunday June 10th

Charlie Lewis

Cincinnati 2018 Convention

Reminder to those of you who have not yet registered for the Laurel and Hardy convention: convention registration fees increase on January 1, 2018 so it would be in your best interests to sign up before this date to get this lower rate! Complete registration information is available on the convention website at:

Spot this

Hello, fellow Laurel & Hardy fans.

I guess almost all of you know that the LAUREL & HARDY book 'SPOT ON!' is a limited edition which has nearly sold out. Once the last copies are sold... that's it! So if you have not got yours yet...

Treat yourself or a(nother) loved one to a copy of Laurel & Hardy: 'Spot On!'An Audiovisual Account of Laurel & Hardy's 1952 British Tour. With CD containing a complete recording of their sketch 'On The Spot' plus an additional unreleased recording!

Can you spot the ideal Christmas gift?

Filled with many previously unpublished full-page photographs, 'Spot On!' recounts Laurel & Hardy's 1952 British stage tour step by step using original letters, dozens and dozens of never-before-seen photographs, press releases, and much, much more. Great care has been taken to use the finest, first generation photographs and the very best audio possible.


On the telly

Looking at the advance programmes for the Talking Pictures television channel, which is now generally available on Freeview channel 81, The Boys can be seen as follows during this month

7th 12-12.10 Tree in a Test Tube 
9th 9.15 am-10.35 The Flying Deuces
25th 6.40 pm-8.00 The Bohemian Girl
31st 2.30 pm-3.45 A Chump at Oxford 

Tony Hillman

9.5mm rarity?

I have been given a L&H cine reel (title unknown). It's a CLYDON 9.5mm 200ft reel, if anyone wants it I will post it to them.

John Robertson

Edinburgh party

With Grand Sheik Charlie Lewis (above) in firm control, the Blockheads Tent held a very successful Christmas Party on 3rd December, with plentiful films, food, drink and laughter in the custom which has befitted members for many a year.