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Preservation of Perfect Day

Considered one of their best comedy shorts, Perfect Day (1929) finds Stan and Ollie at odds with their neighbors, their malfunctioning Model T and each other as they attempt to enjoy a Sunday picnic.

UCLA Film & Television Archive's goal is to raise $45,000 in 40 days to restore this comedy gem and ensure its long-term preservation.

Film preservation is a labor of love. This costly, time-consuming process requires aesthetic judgment, historical research and precise technical skills. To restore Perfect Day (1929), we must locate the best surviving materials in the world and meticulously combine shots from different sources. Then, we repair damage from decades of wear and tear, rerecord the original soundtrack, and produce new preservation elements and viewing copies.

With your help, Laurel and Hardy's Perfect Day can be seen again - the way it was meant to be seen!

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Norwich Convention latest

Click here for the latest update on the 2018 UK Convention.

On the big screen in Airdrie

Blockheads view

The Boys got a mention in the first episode of the new Endeavour TV series on Sunday 11th February. During a discussion about their childhood cinema experiences, DI Fred Thursday, portrayed by Roger Allam, says, "Laurel and Hardy were always my Favourites!" Then he says "B-I- It me. Bit me!" I always said Roger Allam was a quality actor.

It was nice to see some new and old faces again at the last Blockheads meeting. Kenny McMillan, who had written to me earlier, took a venture out to experience a Sons meeting. He seemed to come through with flying colours.

Jim Hogg also appeared after a number of years' absence. Jim had been a regular when we were based at the Tollbooth so it was nice to have him back in the fold.

We hope that both gentlemen will come again and support the tent.

Charlie Lewis in the Blockheads Bulletin

You don't believe me

Did you know that Stan went on a holiday to France in about 1960? Seems he stayed in a caravan!!!

Aren't we all ignorant not knowing this! Must buy these rare photos of Stan

Roger Robinson

I think I've seen at least one other photo of this man, if he's the one I'm thinking of. Around 1961 one of the British newspapers ran an article, with photo, saying it was Stan Laurel in Europe with his young daughter. The girl in the photo did not resemble Lois and was about twenty years younger! Nor did the man resemble Stan all that much, but was more of a caricature. It was captioned THE THIN ONE - STILL SMILING. The real Stan heard about the story and wrote to the paper to get a retraction printed. He explained that there was a European comedian who called himself 'Joe Laurel' and claimed, falsely, to be Stan's brother. I rather think this may be our man ...!

 Glenn Mitchell

Cincinnati Convention Update

Hello again from Ethel's accomplices in planning the upcoming 21st International Sons of the Desert Convention, taking place in beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio, USA during the week of July 8-15, 2018. The convention, having the very original moniker of "Cincinnati2018", presents an opportunity for Laurel and Hardy and classic comedy fans worldwide to come together in celebration of the lives, legacy, and lunacy of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

There are still rooms available at the convention hotel for the super-discounted special rate - please see the 'Hotel Information' tab on the convention website at for more details. However, please don't wait to make your hotel booking, to give you the best chance of taking advantage of this special room rate.

Those of you ambitious Sons considering putting in a bid to host the 22nd International Sons of the Desert Convention in 2020 should make your wishes known to Cincinnati2018 convention organizers or Bill Oates, Editor of the Intra-Tent Journal at

Once again Quizmaster Greene has been invited to emcee the [quiz] festivities, which will take place on Saturday morning July 14th, 2018. He will be joined by Quizmaster Brad Farrell (a multiple Contest winner) and Quizmaven David Rodriquez (Scorekeeper Extraordinaire) to continue this Sons tradition.

The 2018 installment will again feature teams - we will have four teams of three members each and this is our official call for Trivia Contest Contestants! So far, we have two full teams all set. If you would like to participate in this Summer's Trivia Contest as part of a specific team, or of any team, email Quizmaster Greene at or Quizmaster Farrell at before April 1st, 2018. We will not be throwing together haphazard Trivia Contest teams on-site as we will have this all set well before we arrive in Cincinnati.

Also contact the convention committee at at any time. Ethel thanks you.

Cincinnati2018 Convention Committee

Sons in Italy

Above are some photos of the beautiful day (despite the cold weather) spent with actor Lello Arena on February 28 in Modena. There were 16 in attendance at lunch and the evening comedy starring Lello Arena at the Michelangelo Theater.

In the afternoon we went to visit the beautiful Ferrari Museum of Modena and the historic city center.

Giancarlo Manfredini

Twice One

Eric Schultz invites us to take a look at this 2-minute video:

It stars Alexander Rowland of the Saps at Sea Tent.

Where is Stan's Oscar?

I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer for and hope you could help

What happened to Stan's Honorary Oscar? Was it left to Lois, then passed down her family or did it get passed down Ida's side of the family?

Iain Young

Can anyone give us the answer to Ian's query, please?