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Laurel and HarDay:
Kneesie-Earsie-Nosey World Champion

Gary Winstanley made history when he won the Kneesie-Earsie-Nosey World Championship at the Laurel and HarDay in Wigan on 2nd September. Stand by for a report about the very successful day.

Meanwhile, Gary says:

It was a privilege to present our 'Exclusive Video Treat', a personalised interview with Sir Ken Dodd. Can you beat that!

For those who weren't there, and would like to see the interview, here's a link...

Ken Dodd Interview 2017

I also pieced together a video slideshow of the Day's photos...

 25th Laurel & HarDay Slideshow

Peter Brodie

Peter Woodier sent us a photograph of Peter and Paul Brodie at school in 1972. They are the middle two on the front row.

Peter's funeral on 30th August saw a turnout of over two hundred people, including Sons from England, Scotland and Germany. It was a fine testament to the high regard in which Peter is held.


Talking Pictures TV have bought the rights to the following:

Block -Heads
Bohemian Girl
A Chump At Oxford
Our Relations
Pack Up Your Troubles
Pardon Us
Saps At Sea
Sons Of the Desert
Swiss Miss
Way Out West

The season started on 1st September. Here is the link to their YouTube Laurel and Hardy Season trailer:

Steve Lilley

On Thursday evening, 7th September, Sky Arts channel 122, are showing a one-hour documentary titled - The Lot of Fun at 9pm. It's followed by a previously shown programme about the Boys.

Set your recording devices or watch them live, your choice.

Eric Woods

In Denmark

Bob Hickson has been given a copy of a photograph which is of great interest. The accompanying letter explains.



John Burton writes:

The Brats Tent Facebook page has received a couple of messages and photos as below:

1. Milko Steyvers has had these brilliant tattoos placed on his legs...


2. Brats member Paul Morton has a passion for both Laurel and Hardy and scooters and was delighted when he saw this...


In Ireland

Roger Robinson is just back from a great trip in Eire that included the Chaplin Festival and he walked in the footsteps of the Boys when they arrived in Eire in 1953. It will, of course, be covered in The Perry Winkle.

Ciarán Hanna writes:

I shall be introducing Big Business and Way Out West as part of the Belfast Comedy Festival on Tues 3rd & Sat 7th October.

The films will be shown in the wonderful not-for-profit arts centre and the only surviving art deco cinema in Belfast, the Strand:

This will be a great opportunity to see the Boys as originally they would have been seen by our parents etc in cinemas like this in Belfast and beyond. I think it's also a chance to see a silent comedy, which we don't see too often. As James Finlayson is also in Way Out West, I thought it was a good link.

Cleaned-up Music Box

Remember us reporting on the video clean-up job performed by Jim Connors on The Music Box? Jim tells us, "Sadly I took my site down after it was hacked by some vandals." The TouTube link is also inactive.

Jim doesn't want the cleaned-up version not be shared so has provided us with this direct link:!dBdhyRiC!qESXVSe-JFRjtF6vCkOlaLbyVsRK3fArm5egxfZpPvw



John Connolly's book "he" is causing quite a stir. John is touring the country daily with talks about his book, including presentations at the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Ulverston (9th September) and the Panopticon in Glasgow (12th September).


John Connolly

"A well researched novel, with graphic prose, sharp one-liners and an easy style. I would recommend this book. A most enjoyable read."

 Bill Crouch


2018 UK Convention

Roger Robinson has issued his latest update on next year's UK Convention in Norwich.

2019 European Convention

The 2019 European Convention of the Sons of the Desert will be held in the Netherlands, hosted by the Perfect Day Tent. We await details in due course.


Reminder about show coming to Edinburgh