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Let's help Hans

Hans Van Terheijden is a very popular Sons of the Desert from the Netherlands. We enjoyed his company and his singing at the UK Convention this year and we have have appreciated his endeavours over many years, not least of which was his input in the recent SonDayz events.

Ever since he was young, has had a progressive eye disease called stargardt, Juvenile Macular Degeneration.

Hans says;

About until my 21th year, I was able to do all kinds of things, like reading, drawing, designing, cycling and seeing faces. I've never been able to drive. Unfortunately, I have now come to a very different stage. My Vision has been reduced to about 1 to 2 % central sight and I have a so called "blind spot".

I received a special video from a friend from America. She had found it on YouTube and was about someone who also had my eye disease and who could see a new invention again! They have developed digital glasses where the central part of my vision (the part with which I can't see) on o-LED Glasses to the sides (the part where I still have a good view) is projected so I can read again, Faces can recognize, TV can watch, computing, details can be seen and so on.

I was allowed to test the glasses during a test. Right now I can look about half a foot ahead. When I put on the glasses, literally my eyes were open! I managed to read letters at distance, see details, and for the first time in my life, I actually saw my wife. That might have been the most beautiful experience. Then we walked out and I could read our car's license plate.

After that, I was allowed to test the glasses for a few days at home, and my world is getting much bigger. I saw my cats, my family... incredibly nice!

The glasses cost ¤13.000 and this is not reimbursed. I ask you to help me purchase the glasses so that for me life can start again and I can be part of society again. I need ¤7.000 and then I can order.

You can donate to this good cause at

There will be many opportunities to view Laurel and Hardy films at Cincinnati 2018 and here is the (tentative) outline of where, when, and what films will be shown during the convention:

1. In your hotel room: yes, in your hotel room. The Hilton has a closed-circuit TV channel and they have agreed to show Laurel and Hardy films on this channel during the convention.

2. Communal film room screenings of Laurel and Hardy movies: those of you wishing to be among an audience to view films can do so at certain times during the convention. Go to the Rookwood Room (4th floor) on Wednesday July 11 between noon-6PM, Thursday July 12 between 9AM-3PM and Saturday July 14 between 9AM-1PM to see screenings of Laurel and Hardy films.

3. Formal convention activities in the Pavilion Ballroom: on the opening night of Thursday July 12 the silent film "From Soup To Nuts" will be shown with live orchestral accompaniment. On Saturday night July 14 the restored silent film "Battle of the Century" will screen with live keyboard accompaniment followed by the newly restored "Hog Wild", courtesy of the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

4. Still want more? OK, you got it. The Laurel and Hardy Silent Cinema will be running on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights in the Rookwood Room, starting between 10-10:30PM, there will be Laurel and Hardy 16mm film screenings of silent films, all with live keyboard accompaniment.

Deadline for registration

June 20 is fast approaching. If you have not sent in your registration form and fees by this date you will miss out on the fun. We must have all registrants signed up and fees received by this date.


Email: Web: Facebook:

Cincinnati2018 Convention Committee
Hosted by the Sons of the Desert Oasis no. 279, The Chimp Tent, Cincinnati, OH USA


Pop-up Shop at Southend Pier

As you may already be aware, we will have a pop-up shop on Southend pier for the Summer season! The official opening will take place on 9th June.

Southend boasts the longest pleasure pier in the world, and makes for a fantastic day out, so why not come on down and treat yourself to some exclusive goodies.

Those of you who can't make it but still want to get your hands on our range of official merchandise, simply click the link below to visit our web shop!

We have more gift ideas for fans of Laurel and Hardy on the website - take a look at the aprons, Rubik's cubes, notebooks, mugs, T-shirts and so much more!

Werelband - Slapstick in Manchester

Top tip for any Sons in the Manchester area. Stewart and I went to see them at the Fringe in Edinburgh last year - twice.

"An ode to the comedy of Charlie Chaplin & Laurel & Hardy - with a very modern twist."

Fred Terris

Blockheads fixtures

Our meeting in June will be the last before the summer break so we've arranged a buffet for the afternoon.

Sunday 10th June 2018 at 2pm at The Scots Guards Association Club, 2 Clifton Terrace, Edinburgh (opposite Haymarket Station).

I have also arranged meeting dates for the Autumn period :

Sunday  2nd September
Sunday 7th October
Sunday 4th November
Sunday 2nd December

The meeting room at The Guards' Club has been freshened up with a lick of paint and new pictures on the walls. The new blinds on the front windows make it a much nicer room to be in.

Charlie Lewis

At the Panopticon