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Two Tars Journal

Vera and Wolfgang Günther have sent us the latest issue of the Two Tars Journal, published by them on behalf of their tent and Museum in Solingen, Germany. It is crammed with great material about Laurel and Hardy and the Sons of the Desert, not only in Germany. The text is in German (of course) and the many, super illustrations are in colour and black and white. Highly recommended.

Maltin on Movies

Maltin on Movies is an American radio programme in which well known Movie expert and author Leonard Maltin and his guest discuss various movie subjects. Programme number 159 was dedicated to the subject of Laurel and Hardy so you may be interested in listening to this recording.

Del Kempster

Birmingham show

Just a quick message to make you aware of the sixth annual St Barnabas Silent Film Evening... 

Featuring the 1928 Laurel & Hardy classic, You're Darn Tootin' and Buster Keaton's masterpiece The General - often considered to be the greatest film of the silent era!

Vincent Byrne


If you haven't signed up but you are thinking of coming over we advise you not to wait too long as the hotel we are booking for the  Sons who already have signed up might be full in the next 20-30 days. If you like to know all about the event, and the updates we advise you to visit our facebookpage at: or visit the official Jitterbugs Tent website at: Click on the menu and find the English or Dutch version of the Sondayz page ".

We have  booked two excellent acts for the event and it looks like everything is ready now. 

We are pleased to announce that we have visitors from Denmark, Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands.


We are delighted to announce that with us this year will be Marion Grave of the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Ulverston and Bram Reijnhoudt, who is celebrating his 50th anniversary this year as founder of the Perfect Day Tent.

For a registration form click here.

Hans, Graham, René and Piet

Grand Sheik Peter remembered

Just thought you might be interested. Apparently at the first Mcr City home game of the New Year, it is the custom to remember all those season ticket holders, former players, and officials of the club that had passed away the previous year. Peter Brodie's name appeared on the giant notice board and his name was read out, along with all the rest.

A nice touch, I thought.

Dave Williamson


The Radio Times (13-19th January) had a rundown of the 50 Greatest Children's TV shows. At number 38 were the Chuckle Brothers, with a comparison with Laurel and Hardy. Oh, dear!