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At the Panopticon

Willie McIntyre reports


 All the signs were that it would be a great night at the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow. It was the 4th April and the Call of the Cuckoos Tent was about to commence its thirteenth season of Laurel and Hardy film shows on the big screen in the venue where Stan Laurel had made his stage debut.

The Panopticon charity shop was due to close after eleven very successful years of raising funds for the preservation of the music hall. So Bill Crouch and I simply had to pay it a visit! It was a timely decision as I was able to buy a much-needed pair of shoes.

The minute the doors of the Panopticon auditorium were opened, the crowds started to pour in, such is the pulling-power of Stan and Ollie. Before long the place was full and magic was in the air!

Iain Young is a volunteer at the Panopticon and he was our projectionist for part of the evening. He also joined the tent and is a very welcome addition to the Sons of the Desert as he is a big fan of the Boys.

It was also good to welcome back David McGoldrick and Bob Cairns, who rejoined our tent. David and Bob had been members when we used to meet years ago at the Cathedral House Hotel in Glasgow.

Duncan Wilson, Alasdair Barter and Alan Mauchan

When I founded the Bonnie Scotland Tent in 1976, Alasdair Barter and Alan Mauchan were two of the first members. We lost touch over the years, but they paid a surprise visit to the Panopticon and it was great to renew our friendship.

Brian Henderson has been a member of the Call of the Cuckoos Tent for many years, but this was his first time at one of our shows for quite a while, so his was another face which was especially welcome.

On the screen a fine selection of shorts and Beau Hunks made the evening one of the best meetings we have ever had and expectations are high for our next gathering, on 6th June.


Bill Crouch, Pat McIntyre and Willie McIntyre