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Sons of the Desert
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2019 European Convention

7th till 10th June 2019


Today, May 1st, registration has started for the 13th European Convention of the Sons of the Desert in the Netherlands.

The dates are Friday June 7 - Monday June 10, 2019.

You will find a registration form and information about costs and program on our website at

You need more information? Email us at

Host is the Perfect Day Tent of Amsterdam, Oasis #13, the same that hosted the World Convention in 2008. And again our base will be Hotel Avifauna in Alphen aan den Rijn (Alphen on the Rhine). Wonderful birdpark and great food! We will visit Amsterdam and Utrecht and show films at the monumental 800 seat Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam.

Please, spread the word!

Fraternally, kind regards,

Anton Huyps
Robert Radevan
Piet Bommer
Bram Reijnhoudt