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In March 2009, Mike David and our roving reporter Steve Wichrowski met up at the Williamsburg, VA, Film Festival. There they were very fortunate and honored to meet MGM and RKO star Jacqueline White who graciously agreed to do an audio interview with us.  Our talk with her is filled with interesting stories including Miss White's recollection of working with Stan and Ollie in 1943's "Air Raid Wardens".

2008 International Convention now online.

Our roving reporter, Steve Wichrowski, Jr., conducts an entertaining interview with comic actor and voice artist Chuck McCann and his "Stan" partner, Jim MacGeorge. 

An online exclusive from The Nutty Nut News Network, Scott Mac Gillivray interviews Tommy 'Butch' Bond.

Highlights of a two part interview with Laurel and Hardy co-stars Henry Brandon and Anita Garvin.

The Nutty Nut News Network is a proud member of the 100 Club, for more information about the Laurel and Hardy Statue


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This website is dedicated to the memory of Guido Cipriani.

Welcome to the Nutty Nut News Network website.  From the past we have rare audio interviews with Laurel and Hardy related celebrities.  For the present we have a section for Sons and enthusiasts to post written or audio reports on tent activities, interviews, skits, memorabilia and such.  You are encouraged to take an active part in contributing material.

All of this is in keeping with the intent of the original Nutty Nut News Network Show created by the late Guido Cipriani.  This program allowed Sons around the world to keep in touch and share information by sharing audiocassette recording.  Now we are able to share much more through the magic of the worldwide web.

Featured in various parts of this site are audio clips from well known Sons including Bill Cubin, Roger Gordon, Del Kempster, Hal Stanton, Scott MacGillivray, Jack McCabe, Leo Brooks, Glenn Mitchell, Bob Satterfield and archivist Michael Agee.

The Archive Compilations section will give you an idea of the content of the NNNN Show from its beginning in March of 1983.  Here you will find narration and comments from Sons and other individuals as well as some of the silly hi-jinks that were a trademark of the show.

This is a site dedicated to promoting communication among those who love Stan and Ollie and to continue the tradition of preserving material related to them.  We feel it's an important project since, as Stan himself once wrote:

"If you save nothing, you can't take it with you."

We truly hope you enjoy your visit here and welcome any comments, questions or submissions.

Front page picture is from the private collection of Mike David.

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Lively interview in the Sheraton Valley Forge lobby with Mae Questel, actress and voice of Olive Oyl , Betty Boop and many other animation characters.

“Mae Questel- Putting the Boop in Betty”.  An affectionate profile of one of Hollywood’s greatest voice artists.  


A  interview with Jean Darling (from Babe's in Toyland)

Virginia Karns Patterson, (Mother Goose in 1934’s from Babes in Toyland).

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